June 2010

Chris Brown Does It

The morning buzz is crazy about the Chris Brown's performance at BET Awards 2010, that aired aired live last night, Sunday. Chris Brown rocked. He channeled Michael Jackson, in the best performance tribute to Michael thus far. Chris Brown struck all the cords. Michael Jackson died a year ago, fans were pumped -- Chris Brown made moves like Michael -- moonwalked, like the late King of the Pop, to the song, “Billie Jean”. This was an emotional performance that will be talked about for a while. When Chris Brown sung Michael Jackson's song, “Man In The Mirror,” Chris Brown teared. His voice cracked. If he was faking it, he is a better performer than many would give him credit for. He came across doing a genuine tribute. He may have begun to win hip hop America back, after his shameful mistreatment of Rihanna, that led to his plead to felony assault, and got him labeled not a fav by many fans.

McDowell Is the Winner

What is happening to golf when the big names, (Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els), come up flat and short, and the new guy, (Graeme McDowell), wins? The backroom bookies are at work? No. The TV elves are juicing up the drama to keep things exciting? Nope. So what's the answer?

When the veterans fall part and a rookie steps up to take the roar of the crowd, the veterans are trying to hard, second guessing themselves. Tiger is trying too hard to beat Jack Nicklaus's record. Phil Mickelson is trying too hard to get out of the Tiger's shadow. A win at the Open would have meant that he would have finally stepped up into the light himself. Ernie Els was trying too hard to beat both Tiger and Mickelson, and all three of these very good and veteran golfers finished the day by beating themselves.

Manute Bol, RIP

Manute Bol, humanitarian, great defensive basketball player, who I enjoyed watching play, rest in peace. You departed too soon.

Manute Bol was once billed as the tallest men ever to play for the NBA. He stood 7 feet 6 inches, his shoe size was 16 ½ , his heart size was about the biggest in the world. He died, yesterday, Saturday, at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, from severe kidney trouble and complications of a rare skin disorder. He was only forty seven.

Beer Pong? A sport?

From the Associated Press,  June 17, 2010  -- "What started out as a drinking game, beer pong has blossomed into a nationwide competition and a $25,000 first prize, all for doing what millions of college kids do when they should be studying.." See the video.

A beer pong championship? Excuse me -- the world beer pong championship? Yeah! This dorm game has gotten serious. 350 teams in the competition. $250K in prize money. $25k top prize. And it was hosted for the second year in a row in in Atlantic City? Where else? The casinos need to draw people.

Brian Cahill.spokesman for the Resorts Hotel, host casino joint said, "Not only did it generate hotel room sales and food and beverage revenue, but it gave Resorts additional exposure in the media, brought energy and excitement to the hotel and casino, and it introduced many new people to the property."

Kennedy's FBI Files

The FBI under the Freedom of Information Act released some of its files on the late Edward Kennedy, the long serving member of the Senate, considered the most effective senator ever. He is a historic figure. He was a leading voice for American liberalism, and as such was never popular with the right-wing. One right-wing newsletter this morning, after scanning over the files, focused on what they could find that gave a voyeur's glimpse of Mr. Kennedy's private life, and the morning right-wing electronic acid sheet concluded that the great man was a man-whore, a man who slept around, who drank too much and who enjoyed the company of two many women.

Loved The Original Better on Not, The Remake Is Hot

Jaden Smith is the top attraction, tops Jackie Chan in a Kungfu movie? The flick is called 'Karate Kid,' but the martial arts is all kungfu and the location is China, and the star is eleven years old, ten years old when the film was shot, and the teen and pre-teens on the Internet are saying, 'he's cute." That translates into being box office hot.

Justin Bieber, the hot teen idol himself, who appears at the end of the flick singing his hit single, "Never Say Never," as the credits roll, was on Twitter on opening day, this past Friday, telling his zillion of girl fans -- "Everyone go check out my lil bro Jaden Smith's new movie KARATE KID. OPENS 2nite!! "  And did his fans respond! The flick grabbed the hog share of Friday box office and is expected to be this weekend's run away hit.

Survived the Sea

Teen sailor, Abby Sunderland, has been rescued by a fishing vessel a day after she set off distress signals after her boat, Wild Eyes, was damaged by the crazy seas.  "She's bumped and bruised but doesn't have anything obivous or major wrong," Abby Sunderland's mother, Marianna, told reporters Saturday.  By all accounts she did everything right, she just got hit by a bit of bad luck.  Some critics have taken aim at her and her family for her attempt to sail around the world alone, but it's unwarranted, at best.  She set out to achieve a goal and break a record her brother set, and was half-way towards that goal when Mother Nature took over.  Many of the critics would be silent if she would have succeeded, but it just wasn't meant to be.  Obviously the family has incredible sailing talent, and one has to be

Distressed at Sea

An all out rescue is heading toward the sailboat of Abby Sunderland, 16, as she made various distress calls while on her attempt to sail, alone, around the world.  The hard part, however, is the fact that a helicopter does not have the fuel capacity to fly round trip and a boat would take two days.  Grindtv.com reports that, "a crew aboard an airplane from Australia hopes to arrive at the position issued via her EPIRB satellite positioning device at daybreak (she's 11 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time)," and also reported that "It stated that the EPIRB unit issuing a signal was one that has to be activated manually. Presumably this is the unit attached to her survival suit. Another signal had come from a hand-held Personal Locator Beacon, or PLB.

Scum of the Earth Award: Joran van der Sloot

There are a lot of bad people on this earth, but the most recent Scum of the Earth award goes to Joran Van der Sloot.  The laundry list of his horrendous actions is long.  He was arrested twice in connection with the disappearance of American Natalee Holloway, was recently being investigated for trying to extort money from Holloway's mother to tell her where her daughter's remains are, and now has been arrested for the murder of Peruvian Stephany Flores.  Reports have said that Van der Sloot became enraged with Flores was going through his computer, and may have found some information on Holloway, which resulted in her getting beaten very badly and suffering a broken neck.

Elton John Sells Soul at Rush Limbaugh's 4th Wedding

It is all beyond baffling.  First, who in the world would marry Rush Limbaugh?  The unbelievable answer is four.  You'd think the second wife would have gotten the hint.  Second, what is his newly fourth wife, Kathryn Rogers thinking?  The answer is she must not think too much.  Most importantly, however, is why Elton John, why?  Why would you sing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding?  You don't need the reported $1 million dollars he paid you, and the man represents everything you're against.  You sold your soul, and sold it to Rush Limbaugh.  It doesn't make much sense.