Things to Do While You Wait for The Hunger Games

Things to Do While You Wait for The Hunger Games


Can you believe that I’m not at the theater watching The Hunger Games right now? As much as I’ve blogged about it, as much as I have been counting down the days until I get to go, here I am at home with no sitter. Why? Because everyone is at the theater!

It’s not that bad, though; I only have thirteen more hours until I get to see it. I already have my tickets purchased. I have a babysitter lined up (and a backup!). But while I wait, I am getting very, very antsy, and I keep having these passive-aggressive moments where I want to check Facebook and see all of the cool swag and the comments about the film, yet seethe that all of these people got to see it already—are, in fact, watching it now, when I introduced most of them to the series in the first place!

I know, it’s such an irrational thing to be mad about. I felt the same way during midnight Harry Potter releases. Hey, when you have a kid, that comes first.

So instead of growling for the rest of the morning, I intend to get some sleep. But I’ve done a few other things to help stave off this irritability; maybe they’re not working well for me, but they might for you!

  • Check Out Hunger Games Blogs. There are so many to follow; I know because I’ve been following them for months like a rabid teen fangirl, which is sort of embarrassing. I don’t even care anymore. Today, for example, I read that the movie out-sold the Twilight films and is now the #4 best-selling movie in most advance ticket sales, making it even bigger than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It’s actually sold out in many theaters; I am glad I bought my tickets for tomorrow early.
  • Re-Read the Book. Or books, if you have them all and you have the time; I could certainly pummel through all three between now and then (again), but I would just get even more obsessed with who the hell is going to play Finnick Odair! (I can only see Jensen Ackles as him, which is too bad because I’m about 99.999% positive that he will not be playing the role!)
  • Prepare Your Wardrobe. My sister went in her District 12 shirt, Hunger Games bag, and boots; I told her I’m too fat to be someone from District 12 and I don’t want to be a Capitol citizen, since they all make me puke (save for Cinna, of course). But I have to admit that it would be fun to plan a funky wig and some body art for the film release…