Donald Trump's big announcement

Donald Trump's big announcement

It didn’t live up to the ‘October Surprise’ billing.

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement

Donald Trump’s big announced seemed to be nothing more than trying to get some of the limelight to himself. What better way to eat up the media attention than circulate reports about a possible bombshell being dropped about President Obama?

I suppose reading Obama’s college transcripts and his passport application would be interesting and solve some of the problems for a substantial minority of Americans. But, if we go by what the non-partisan website has to say, presidents usually don’t release these types of records.

Even the transcripts that were obtained from George W. Bush and John Kerry were actually leaked by the press rather than being released by Bush and Kerry.

I was quite disappointed about the Trump announcement because I expected something bigger. It merely served to rehash a few unimportant issues that were already out there. Unimportant because even if President Obama was going to do what Trump asked him to do, he would not make the conspiracy theories go away altogether.

President Obama predictably brushed it off on Jay Leno’s show with jokes about him have a beef with Trump that dates back to their childhood days in Kenya.

I guess the media and people like me have encouraged this type of self-promotion from the business magnate. It seems like anything that Trump does or talks about is newsworthy. The problem is that with antics like this it makes Trump appear to be the ‘clown’ that right-winger Michelle Malkin aptly called him.

I don’t think Trump is helping the Republican cause with announcements such as these as it is going to make the American people hate people like him more. His ‘I will give $5M to the charity of Obama’s choice’ is the type of elitist comments that Romney is trying to steer clear off.