David Petraeus' extramarital affair

David Petraeus' extramarital affair

This story refuses to go away like most controversies similar to it.

I usually eschew discussing politics on this blog, but this is a break from tradition since this news story is well and truly hot in the U.S. right now. It has become somewhat of a national soap opera.

It it is about an extramarital affair that former CIA chief David Petraeus had with his married biographer, Paula Broadwell. Broadwell and Petraeus share West Point roots and also a fitness regimen. Furthermore, Petraeus liked to have positive press and this is where Broadwell came in even more handy.

What is more, is that the Petraeus scandal has extended to an investigation on a hand-picked General by Petraeus, John Allen, with regards to his supposed e-mails to socialite Jill Kelley who was the whistleblower in the Petraeus affair.

It has been quite a sudden drastic turn of affairs in the Obama administration with his much praised CIA director having to resign and the future of his Afghan war commander in jeopardy. There has been concern that national security may have been compromised as a result of all of this, but President Obama maintains that this is not so.

David Petraeus is now turning his attention to his family after resigning as CIA director. Petraeus acknowledges his wrongdoings but this extramarital affair had its roots as far back as the Spring of 2006. The two ‘lovers’ had an undercover way of communicating that would have been difficult to get wind of electronically: they saved correspondences in the draft folder of the same e-mail and once each one was read it would be deleted and replaced by a reply message by the viewer. Very clever indeed!