Vick and the Eagles need to win this season

Vick and the Eagles need to win this season

Michael Vick is always must-see TV!

Michael Vick has now signed two $100M contracts and his fans have become impatient and want to see him win a Super Bowl. The Eagles were highly touted last season, but ended with a disappointing 8-8 record. Vick needs to stay healthy if the Eagles are going to have any chance of going deep into the playoffs this season.

Vick Says Eagles Need To Win Quickly

Vick is always going to be highly talked about, which has been the case for him ever since he came into the league with the Atlanta Falcons. Vick was a number one overall draft pick and now Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie has stated that the Eagles will go as far as the quarterback can take them. Steve Young, who Vick idolized growing up, has some sound advice for Vick and Young believes that the Eagles QB is getting it.

Vick has stated that he is ready for the challenge and we should see him take fewer chances and make smarter plays in Cleveland for the Eagles season opener. Andy Reid is supporting Vick's idea of mixing it up by being a pocket passer and also getting out of the pocket for those big plays.

Michael Vick has a new book out entitled Finally Free. He reveals the importance of this book on telling his story to the public in a Time interview. Vick has a lot of advice for people who are in a tough environment and how important it is to make the right decisions. It definitely gave a feeling of hope and inspiration reading the transcript of the interview and also watching the video.