Denzel Washington stars in Flight

Denzel Washington stars in Flight

Whip is like a character out of "Training Day" or "American Gangster," but this time he can make you panic!

After the action thriller 'Safe House' in early spring, we get another Denzel Washington flick in 'Flight.' This a mystery drama with Denzel starring as the alcoholic pilot Captain William Whitaker.

The plot by John Gatins really sets the stage for a blockbuster and has the audience at the edge of their seats at times. There is that right mix of comedy, emotion, romance and action that ensures that the film will be one of those Denzel classics like 'Training Day' or 'Remember the Titans.'

Flight feels so real and people with a fear-of-flying are bound to get even more terrified after watching the crash scene. I obviously will not spoil the fun for you by revealing too much here. I only wanted to highlight something that is truly 'hot in the U.S.'

It shows Denzel Washington in a new light; rather than marvel at him, viewers are forced to worry for his well-being save the incredible crash landing that he accomplishes.

The film has gotten rave reviews from the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune among others. It features Washington in a fairly meaty role and could see him potentially winning an Oscar. Director Robert Zemeckis always serves up the best for moviegoers.

The movie promises to be a must-watch with its action-packed scenes and Denzel brilliance. The flight crash scene makes for some crafty special affects too. Paramount Pictures, Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington have taken a huge gamble with this morally ambiguous drama and you know what - it just might pay off.

Moreover, the Captain Chesley Sullenberger landing on the Hudson River gave Flight its wings.