Sunday Night Football: Giants at Eagles

Sunday Night Football: Giants at Eagles

This should be a physical and aggressive football game.

There has been a lot going in the NFL. The good news for football fans is that the nightmarish calls will come to an end as the NFL is getting back their regular officials. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has realized that compromising on officials can be hard to swallow.

I am sure fans want the officiating to be a non-factor from now on and especially this week’s big game on Sunday. This is a great clash on Sunday Night Football with the defending champions taking on the much talked about Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have been criticized, but wide receiver Jeremy Machlin did make the point that they are still 2-1.

As for me, I always expect great things from Michael Vick in a big game like this. There are explosive play makers on both sides that make this an exciting game to watch. For me, its DeSean Jackson on the offense and Nnamdi Asomugha on the defense for the Eagles. As for the Giants, I like the wide receivers and safety Antrel Rolle. Of course Eli Manning who is so famous for his fourth-quarter comebacks is a draw. I expect there could be another one this Sunday.

As for the Eagles QB Michael Vick, patience is crucial and he will need to exercise better judgment on which plays to extend and which to pass up. It is his desire for a spectacular play almost every down that has been his downfall.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the Eagles and Michael Vick, I expect this one to be a close game and possibly the Eagles coming out on top.