January 2012

Football Fans Are Getting Ready For SuperBowl XLVI

...even people who don't enjoy the sport will still get in on some of the fun.

No, you don’t have to be a diehard football fan to love the Superbowl. You don’t even have to be that crazy about football in general to enjoy Superbowl Sunday. However, it doesn’t hurt if you like football and it doesn’t hurt if your favorite team just happens to be playing.

Watching the Superbowl and enjoying the Superbowl is a tradition for most people and most families. It is a reason to gather friends for the day and have a party. It is a reason to prepare all those snacks you love. It is a reason to get loud when that great tackle or that even greater touchdown is made.

Plus, if you don’t like the football aspect of the game, there are still many things for you to watch and enjoy. First, there are the commercials. Everyone wants to see what those advertisers have come up with this year. We want to see how they spent those big bucks. We want to laugh at those funny ones and make fun of the dumb ones. Then there is the half time show. This year Madonna will be on center stage. This will be fun for those of us who never saw her live in concert.

California Cuisine

Latino food, fish and fusion.

California is known for its cuisine that is representative of a breezy, sunny life. That’s why it’s spread so far and so fast through the rest of the country. Perhaps the birthplace of American fusion cuisine, California food is often portable, simple and fresh, taking aspects of American and immigrant culinary history. Let’s take a look at some of California’s staple food items:

When Is It OK to Start Crushing on Harry Potter?

If you’re over twelve, I mean…

My sister says that since Harry Potter—I mean Daniel Radcliffe!—is now 22 years old, he is fair game. The thing is, SHE is 22 as well, so it’s easy for her to say. For a huge fan of the books who’s almost 30, well, it’s quite a different story.

But have you SEEN him? He’s not the cute little kid you want to adopt with the scar on his head anymore. He’s a full-grown English hottie. I remember when he was nude in Equus a couple of years ago, and a friend of mine—also of the younger crowd—went nuts over it. I refused to even look at the images, scoffing, “That’s Harry Potter! I do not want to see him naked! I want to see him kill Voldemort and marry Ginny Weasley!” Yes, even back then, I was gunning for Ginny. She rocked then and she rocks now; Mary Jane, my eye.

'90's Nostalgia

Twenty-somethings relive their childhoods with wistful abandon.

I have certainly noticed a surge of nostalgia amongst twenty-somethings in the past few years. I don’t know how many bar conversations I’ve had about favorite childhood toys or how many friends I've made reminiscing about our favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon. Young adults outside of my friend circle have certainly gotten into the act as well; blogs like “I’m Remembering” are blowing up and complete seasons of ‘90s television shows have been uploaded to YouTube.