September 2012

Sunday Night Football: Giants at Eagles

This should be a physical and aggressive football game.

There has been a lot going in the NFL. The good news for football fans is that the nightmarish calls will come to an end as the NFL is getting back their regular officials. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has realized that compromising on officials can be hard to swallow.

I am sure fans want the officiating to be a non-factor from now on and especially this week’s big game on Sunday. This is a great clash on Sunday Night Football with the defending champions taking on the much talked about Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have been criticized, but wide receiver Jeremy Machlin did make the point that they are still 2-1.

Bill Gates tops Forbes 400 list and more

Gates praised the benefits of capitalism.

Bill Gates is still the richest American with a net worth of about $66 billion. Gates shared his thoughts on why he thought capitalism was such a great economic system and also how the United States should tackle the national debt issue and get the economy going again.

Gates' positive comments about America and capitalism come at a time when 23 million Americans are out of work and those who aren’t in the privileged one percent are finding it difficult to achieve their dreams. People like Gates and more or less the Forbes 400 in general have either been blessed with a chunk of money handed to them or have had social capital that has led them to their billions.

Vick and the Eagles need to win this season

Michael Vick is always must-see TV!

Michael Vick has now signed two $100M contracts and his fans have become impatient and want to see him win a Super Bowl. The Eagles were highly touted last season, but ended with a disappointing 8-8 record. Vick needs to stay healthy if the Eagles are going to have any chance of going deep into the playoffs this season.

Vick Says Eagles Need To Win Quickly