August 2012

President Obama's version of 'Call Me Maybe'

This edited video with the ‘Call Me Maybe’ soundtrack has 23 million views on YouTube.

I don’t know whether it was Sasha or Malia who brought this to President Obama’s attention, but he is aware of a remix of what he calls a cute pop song. It is definitely a very entertaining musical performance with various speeches of the President being compiled together.

Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Mitt Romney names Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as running mate

I didn't expect this...

I guess Mitt Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate is his way of signaling how important the economy is going to factor into the upcoming presidential elections. Additionally, conservative base of the Republican Party will be very happy with this selection. Rank-and-file conservatives were pleased with this pick and so were the tea party groups.

But, as usual, the Democrats have something to say about this and that is that it is a pointer that we are going back to the old policies that put the U.S. economy in a recession in the first place. The Democrats want to enlighten the country about how Paul Ryan has been very supportive of debatable policies that involving cutting the budget.

United States and the United Nations disagree over the Internet

Internet governance must not be changed, according to the U.S.

In December, the UN arm of telecommunications will host a conference that should get the UN in control of the Internet. The U.S. and the UN have maintained a fairly cordial relationship over the years. A lot of the developing nations have been critical of this relationship because it is quite easy to see that that the UN will be on the side of the nations that have the most influence and power.

But is this really true? I have lived in the United States and in developing nations too and there are a lot of American citizens who are very caring and want peace and to do for people around the globe. I guess it might come down to education too as most people in the developing world are not aware of a lot of complex topics. As for my own opinion, I have felt that anything the U.S. or the UN does is for a good reason.