November 2011

The Biggest Scandals of 2011

A walk down why'd-they-do-it? lane.

The newest scandal for the end of 2011 is that illustrious potential presidential nominee, Herman Cain, had an affair with a woman for thirteen years. Ginger White said that Cain flew her out to various cities where he was speaking so that they could continue their sexscapades in hotel rooms. White was only the latest in a string of women accusing Cain of having affairs with him, but really, are multiple sex scandals the only way to ruin the man’s presidential bid? He quoted Pokémon at a debate.

Cain’s repeated allegations of sexual infidelity were only one of many scandals that wrapped up the news in 2011. Here are a few more whoppers:

Americans Ignore Weather

But we probably shouldn't.

The other day on my trip home for Thanksgiving, we traveled through a windstorm in Denver. The ride was bumpy the whole way in, and swung like a hang glider as we rose out of the city. It was entirely unpleasant.

But the trip got me thinking about how we try and pretend weather doesn't exist in this country.

Freedom of the press in the Internet Age

The rules are all changing.

Freedom of the press, like freedom of trade and commerce, can get messy. Left wing and right wing radicals’ interpretations of the same issue can be miles apart. Flashily packaged news with doom-bringer headlines sells information like a new car. Despite modern day challenges, however, freedom of the press, like these other freedoms is the protector of democracy because it is the bringer of information to the people, and unlike freedom of trade and commerce, should not be governmentally regulated.

Letter Writing Shouldn't Become a Lost Art

Do you write letters?

There’s something a little mysterious and romantic about post men and women. Theirs is one of the only jobs that I can think of that has such a visible presence. They also are one of the only jobs that requires such an obvious—and retro—get-up: the little blue shorts, the high white socks, the light-blue, pin-striped button-down. They also still drive that cute little vehicle. My grandpa was a postman who retired in the late ‘80’s, and the pictures I’ve seen of him on his route look identical to those of post men and women of today.