April 2011

Don't Give Out Those Passwords

Because you know that’s what you’re doing, right?

People on Facebook are doing this goofy—no, it’s worse than goofy, really!—activity where they each publish personal information next to the title “Lord” or “Lady” as the name that they might use to attend the royal wedding.

(As a side note, I’m pretty sick of hearing about this royal wedding, and as much as I love the concept of fantasy and dragons and King Arthur, I think that kings and queens are best left in the history books and don’t have a place in modern society at all. In fact, their very existence only contradicts the democracy that we hold dear, doesn’t it?)

Quinceañera parties are much bigger than Sweet Sixteens


          Some of my freshmen students were flipping through a thick dress-filled magazine this morning.  The dresses are huge and gaudy—hot pink, bedazzled and lacy with huge, crinoline-lined hoop skirts.  The girls said that the dresses were for their Quinceañera parties, huge celebrations of a girl’s fifteenth year, welcoming her into adulthood in this Mexican tradition.

My Pop Music Cycle

I normally don’t take well to popular music—at least when it’s current. The pop music of my grandparent’s and parent’s time is always awesome to me, but I can seldom tolerate the stuff that’s hot “right now.” It could be because everyone else likes it and plays it all. Of. The. Time. It’s like Christmas songs in November; you just can’t take it anymore and if you have to endure another minute you’ll start ripping out people’s insides.

Or maybe it’s just because it’s so trendy. Normally I can’t stand trends; I stopped wearing black makeup and clothing in school when everyone else did because I didn’t want to be a part of that. I just wanted to be me. Now and then there might be a pop song I like, but normally there aren’t many, if any at all.