May 2010

Palin's Daughter, Now a Mother, to Speak on Abstinence...

Children of politicians are usually off-limits when it comes to the press, but when they demand $15,000 to $30,000 in fees to speak at national conferences, fundraisers and special events, then all bets are off.  The Associated Press reports that Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, has signed with Single Source Speakers, and can speak on topics including:  women, youth, abstinence, pro-life programs, experiences on the campaign trail, parenting approach, and her outlook on life.

Surprise: Pretty Girls Get Judged


A pretty girl wins a beauty pageant and people are up in arms.  One has to love the madness of America.  24-year-old, Rima Fakih, of Michigan won Donald's Trump's Miss USA pageant last night, and sure enough the critics were out in full force today.  Fakih is a Lebanese immigrant, and may be one of the first Arab-Americans to win the contest, and the feat should be celebrated.  It is a great showcase of diversity, and overrides the majority of negative stereotypes of the Arab world, especially with the anti-immigrant stance of so many in our country right now, but some feel the need to criticize.

A Vamp for President

Twilight lovers, prepare to vote! A self-proclaimed “vampire” from Florida is running for president. While it looks like the guy doesn’t sparkle, he is totally serious about becoming the first vampire president in U.S. history. He also claims he’s a direct descendent of Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula.

Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey is 45, engaged to a 19-year-old who believes she, too, is a vampire, and is the same age as his own daughter. You’d think a vampire would be a liberal, but the previously-registered Independent is planning on running on the Republican ticket for 2012.

Jack Bauer is reel life

Reel life is where Jack Bauer lives, real life is where we are, and where effective counter-terrorism agents  work. Of course I like to watch Jack Bauer do this thing on TV, as the series nears its finale, Jack is off the hook -- doing what he does at his most Bauerist. A democracy doesn't need Jack Bauers to be safe. It needs the work of members of the security services whom don't go "off the hook," but who go about their work developing investigations that net and nab suspected terrorists.

The Tiger Takes A Time Out

Tiger Woods  was forced him to withdraw from last weekend's the Players Championship, and now he has dropped out of play, altogether, due to a serious neck injury. A MRI is scheduled later this week. Fans like myself are disappointed, but a neck injury is something ones play around with.  When asked about his future, Mr. Woods told the press, “ A lot of that’s still up in the air right now. It’s not a place where I wanted it to be, no doubt. “I want to practice. I want to play. I want to compete. But this is not allowing me to do the things that I need to do.’’

The Tiger Withdraws

Item  from the Associated Press -- "Tiger Woods could be in for some more time on the sidelines after withdrawing from the final round of The Players Championship with a neck injury." See the video.

"He was supposed to be on the ninth hole at The Players Championship. In another stunning twist for someone whose life used to be so predictable, Woods withdrew suddenly with neck pain that he fears might be a bulging disk. Woods was so frustrated that he slammed his golf shoe to the floor while taking questions from three reporters. 'I've been playing through it,' Woods said of pain he first felt before the Masters. "I can't play through it anymore.' "

Betty Rocked; The Writers Did Not

I tuned in 11:30 last night, Saturday, May 8 and watched the Saturday Night Live Mother's Day special hosted by Betty White, with musical guest Jay-Z.  First the consensus of the fans reaction to the show, via Twitter -- "Betty White Rules!",  "Betty  White effin rocks!", "Betty  White kicked SNL'S ass! Best SNL ever!!!!!!!!"

Now for my reaction to the show: Off the top, I don't see why Jay-Z was the musical guest. His music just didn't fit the theme. Even his second song, "Forever Young," which at the end, like an afterthought, he said was a tribute to Betty White, convinced me that scheduling his appearance was somebody's afterthought. That song is his latest standard. I've seen it better performed, elsewhere by him, featuring his wife Beyoncé.

Betty White, SNL, Tomorrow Nite

This afternoon the net is buzzing again about the 88 year old  Betty White, veteran comedy star, whose work, NBC PR people remind us, spans seven decades. Twitter is tweeting in over time with reminders from fans to tune in tomorrow night, May 8th,  at 1l:30 PM to NBC, to see what fans are hoping is going to be a "legendary" Saturday Night Live Show, hosted by Betty White, with musical guest Jay-Z. The show will be SNL special Mother's Day episode. In many ways, it is a "command performance." The suits at NBC and SNL are giving the fan what we demanded, via Facebook and Tweeter, to see Betty White on SNL. Betty White will be joined on the show by SNL vets Molly Shannon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer. Fans are demanding that the SNL writers write Betty White some good jokes. Millions of fans, including myself, are looking forward to this show.

Leno A Big Banana

Last evening May 1st, a Saturday night, Jay Leno performed live at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. A gig  where he had a chance to look good before the airing of this Sunday evening's "60 Minutes" show, with a segment featuring Conan O'Brien, saying not so nice things about him. This morning, there's a clip on the net of excerpts of Leno's  monologue/dinner speech. The jokes are the usual 'Tonight Show" material, pokes at President Obama, at the Republicans, at RNC Chairman, Michael Steele,  and at the political climate in the capitol. The jokes start a little slow then toward the end there are a couple of zingers.

Didn't Get It Done

What's happening to Tiger Woods? He missed  the cut at the Quail Hollow Championship. Distractions? Trying too hard? The number 1 golfer in the world had a disastrous day yesterday at what had been seen as a warm up tournament for the next major.

The Tiger scored a dismal 79, yesterday. It was as if an impostor had taken Tiger's place on the course -- with three straight bogeys on the back nine. Well, even the greats had an off day. Babe Ruth had days when he struck out, and Muhammad Ali  went to the canvas on the rare occasion. So the Tiger took an early exit from a tournament?