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Madonna’s Half-Time Show Was Most Watched In History

Love her or hate her, chances are you watched the Super Bowl half time show that featured Madonna, during the Super Bowl XLVI game that was played at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, February 5, 2012. Statics are actually showing that more people watched the half time show and the time centered on it, then they did the actual game which was played by the Patriots and the Giants.

On average, the tally shows that 111.3 million people watched the game itself. This number is up slightly from last year’s game. The number did go up a bit more at the last half hour mark at a whopping 117 million. As for Madonna’s performance, it held a steady 114 million viewers. That is higher than what the “Black Eyed Peas” got last year. They received about 110.3 million viewers.

The performance itself was definitely worth the wait, in this writer’s opinion. One couldn’t tell by watching Madonna that she was 53 years old. She still had the voice and she still had the moves. It was also nice hearing her perform such classics as “Like A Prayer” and “Vogue.”

Yet, today, Madonna, may be reconsidering some of her choices of guests. Yes, she had several other performers joining her on stage. These included Nicki Minaj, Cee Lee Green, LMFAO and MIA.  MIA is the one that should have stayed home.  Unfortunately, she decided to flip her middle finger up during her performance and the cameras weren’t able to zoom away from it in time. It seems she forgot where she was and how many people were watching. It is sad really that she had to put a black mark on what would have been a great overall performance in many fan’s eyes.

Her publicity people are stating that the gesture was due to an adrenaline rush and nerves. If the FCC decides to cite the NFL any fines due to her gesture, she will have to repay them, according to a contract she signed before performing.

But the fans still love Madonna and they won’t be holding it against her. Chances are for days and weeks to come; people will be playing their own Madonna CD’s and possible even downloading some on ITunes. As for MIA, she may be getting some unwanted publicity.