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The Tiger Is Back

I watched the press conference Tiger Woods held yesterday, and was convinced that he did well for himself and will be welcomed back by his fans. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world and probably the greatest golfer of all times. His private life is his private life. His public life -- what he does on the golf course -- belongs to his fans.

There are many who will keep picking at him, keep dragging out his dozen or so ex-mistresses, and a few of exes will drag themselves out, to extend their moment in the spotlight, hoping that it will bring them financial rewards. Print and electronic media will continue to dredge up stories of his past foibles. Scandals sell newspapers and magazines, and draw eye balls to television, and to computer screens, and sex scandals sell the best, especially, when before the scandal broke, the lead player was considered squeaky clean.

Tiger Woods is not just a great golfer, he has a great television personality. He knows how and when to smile, and to be humble and to look sincere, and since he knows how to play his game, the game of golf, he will make a comeback, not just on the golf green, but also with his public. In short, a Mister Talented with a Personality is always a Mister Popular.