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A sincere, straight on apology

I watched Tiger Wood televised confession and I must give it a grade of "A+". He seemed sincere and believable. Tiger Woods, well done.

 Tiger Woods did not need to apologize to the public. The only  apology that he needed to give was to his wife and  to his family. The media  hyped up a private matter into a public spectacle.

Anyway, this morning at 11:01 ET,  he delivered a  straight on apology to the public. In the presence of his wife, his mother, his mother-in-law, and some of his closest friends, he confessed to his errors and sought forgiveness from his fans and supporters. He said that his therapy is continuing.  Making a public confession is a step in  many therapy programs, admitting ones fault is the first  step toward self improvement.

Tiger Woods announced that he will someday return to golf, and that day may or may not be this year. He is the best golfer on the planet, and I'm sure that most people worldwide have good wishes for him, and hope for his early return to the game.