Trespasser enjoys the life of a rap star in Diddy’s Hampton mansion

Trespasser enjoys the life of a rap star in Diddy’s Hampton mansion

A man breaks in and lives it up in true bad-boy fashion!

Quamine Taylor, who is 30-years-old, was arrested a couple of weeks ago for being an intruder in rap star Sean “Diddy” Combs' mansion. He had lived it up like a rap star in Diddy’s Hampton mansion for as much as 24 hours and enjoyed himself by reportedly wearing the rap impresario’s clothes, eating the fancy food and even sleeping on one of the beds at the mansion.

The intruder has actually been a huge fan of the rap mogul and has stated that this was not the first time that he has trespassed in Diddy’s mansion. Taylor who even raided the bar at the mansion was taken away by cops on April 1 – and this is not an April Fool’s joke – after a caretaker at the house found him sleeping in a bedroom upstairs.

The police report that was filed stated that Quamine Taylor was able to get into Diddy’s mansion through a basement door that was kept unlocked and convinced the alarm company that he was part of Diddy’s entourage. Taylor told the New York Post that he had actually been doing this since the year 2001 and had grown up listening to Sean John Combs music.

The intruder’s mom was reported to have said that Quamine Taylor actually is suffering from a mental illness and is taking some medication too. After being found intoxicated in Diddy’s mansion, Taylor is now in custody for petit-larceny and trespassing.

No one from the Diddy camp made any comment regarding this very bizarre incident.