Latest cover of SLAM Magazine has LeBron James and the words 'Hi Haters!'

Latest cover of SLAM Magazine has LeBron James and the words 'Hi Haters!'

Do you like, love or hate this cover?

LeBron James has been creating headlines across the United States what with him not only winning that elusive first ring but also the NBA Finals MVP. King James loves the SLAM Magazine cover and has even tweeted about it.

But we saw a different LeBron all throughout this season with his bland looks during press conferences and his focus on the game and he was great at getting away from any distractions. I really enjoyed the cover and thought it was great for him to gloat after all he has been through. But I think that the type of criticism he got is typical for any athlete of his stature.

When Michael Jordan wasn’t getting it done in terms of winning a championship ring, there were many critics who stated that he could not play a team game and all he was good for were the high-flying dunks and pretty looking moves that became so common during MJ’s days with the Chicago Bulls.

But I think all the hate came from the whole “The Decision” fiasco because fans loved LeBron and people were rooting for him from day one. It was the way he handled the move with the Big Three to the Miami Heat and how he left his hometown Cleveland fans high and dry that angered many sports fans.

The bottom line is that LeBron James made the right decision for himself when he left Cleveland because he has now put himself in a position to win multiple championships. As for his legacy, only time will tell how he will remembered.