'The Hunger Games’ stars are becoming overnight sensations

'The Hunger Games’ stars are becoming overnight sensations

If you haven’t heard about the new and very popular spring movie, “The Hunger Games,” chances are that you have been living under a rock. If you haven’t heard the names of the starring actors in this movie, you may also be living under a rock. Yes, the names Jennifer Lawerence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutercherson are going hand in hand with this movie. They are the actors who play the main characters in this movie. However, success can come with consequences. What are these consequences?

One major consequence is the fact that stars already have many adoring fans. Many of these fans waited patiently to see the movie premiere and after watching it, will do the same when the next editions are featured on the big screen. The next arch is entitled “Catching Fire,” and won’t be in the theatres for another 20 months. Those consequences are probably ones that the stars like. The ones they probably do not like are the ones that include the media gossip.

The latest media gossip circulates around Liam Hesworth and his girlfriend Miley Cyrus. The media wants to make Miley look as if she is jealous of all the attention Liam is suddenly getting from his starring role in “The Hunger Games.” Articles have been written in a variety of sites, including, EOnline, that makes Miley appear to be jealous enough to wear a ring on her finger and wave it around for publicity sake. Of course, the ring looks like an engagement ring. Could Miley really be doing this or could she just happen to put a ring on her finger without thinking? Only she and possibly her stylist know this answer.

However, this is just the beginning of the media craziness that Liam, Josh, and Jennifer will be facing as they begin filming new movies and as the next part of this mega movie trilogy hits the movie theatres. Hopefully, they can withstand the pressure.